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Top SEO Strategies To Watch For In 2018


People that have done search engine optimization for the last decade understand how things can change virtually overnight. Google may update an algorithm which could cause the top positions of even the most competent companies to drop out of sight. It is important always to have your finger on the pulse of changes that are made in the algorithms and make changes that are necessary to keep your top listings in place. As 2018 approaches, here are some of the top SEO strategies from Los Angles SEO to watch for that you should implement to help you improve your search engine positions.


Why SEO Is Important For Businesses Today

One of the main reasons that companies should be focused on search engine optimization strategies is because this is one of the top ways for generating traffic that is affordable. Whether you do this on your own, or you work with a competent SEO company, they can help you make thousands of additional visitors every month. The problem is that what works one day may not work the next, and without constant monitoring, you could find yourself losing some of your top positions which mean your traffic is going to diminish over time. To avoid this, you need to be aware of what changes are coming in here are a few that you should be looking for in 2018.


Top SEO Strategies To Use In 2018

First of all, content is going to be your primary focus. Instead of articles that are 500 words to 700 words in length, these need to be extended beyond 1000 words for every post that you make. Unless you have a secure website where content length does not matter, new sites need to adhere to this increase in content length. Second, the use of videos is becoming more important, and you need to embed a minimum of two videos for every post that you make. The videos should preferably use the same keywords in the tags that you are targeting with each post, and this can easily be controlled if you have your own YouTube channel where you can create videos and place these keywords in the title, description, and the tags.

By following these two simple strategies, you are going to be ahead of the game. What Google is looking for, as well as other search engines, is more relevant content. Although backlinks are still crucial, and also links and posts on social media, if you want your website to maintain his positions, content is the key. The content must be in the form of both written words and videos, and by using these tips, you should be able to improve your websites positioning on the search engines now and in 2018.