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Mobile Optimization and SEO Tips In 2017


When it comes to being able to rank well in 2017, mobile is critical. The importance of mobile on SEO is only becoming increasingly prevalent because search engine providers know and understand where people are spending a majority of their time. Due to the rising usage of mobile phones and mobile devices in general, search engine providers are placing much more of importance on ensuring these users have the best possible experience. As a result, a website owner must adapt accordingly to provide such an experience or else their rankings will be subject to punishment. Below, we will be going over some of the essential tips to ensure that you can rank well in 2017.


Tips For Ranking Well:

1. Mobile Optimization.

It is critical to optimize your website to perform well and to scale properly on mobile devices. Without this kind of optimization, your rankings will suffer. The fact is, your website needs to be responsive to scale properly to all mobile devices with screens ranging from all sizes. Therefore, this should be your primary goal as it is going to have the most impact on your ability to rank well utilizing various SEO strategies.

2. Content.

You want your content also to be positioned well for mobile devices. Meaning, you should be optimizing your content not only to look well but to be readily available to mobile users. Because mobile users inherently have less time on their hands, you will want to be sure that your content is catered towards an audience that might be dealing with time restrictions. This means you should focus on creating content that gets to the point quicker and content that can be viewed in short spurts. Whether this includes short videos or something else, you want to craft your content for the mobile audience.

3. Organization.

Another major key that you want to focus on is your organization of your entire website and the way you can navigate it. Ideally, you want to concentrate on the proper organization that is going to allow for an excellent ability to navigate on just about any kind of mobile device. This is important because it will affect your website’s usability, on page stats, and more. Therefore, you should make sure that your site is completely organized to be easily navigatable on mobile devices of all sizes.