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How Having Good Content Can Make Your Site Rank Higher

While all of the different components of SEO can seem confusing, there is one that makes a lot of sense. Having good content on your site means that you will have a good ranking. While it can be pulled down by other factors, the content on a site is the lifeblood, a place with everything else done right, but no content is going to rank lower than a site with great content but a massive amount of other problems in their SEO ranking factors.

Good content is going to be at least 300 words in length. This is because this amount of content will keep people on your page for at least 60 seconds, and this amount of material will usually have several well-formed ideas. This means that people will feel more engaged with the content than they will with a small 100 word or less post. This will often make them spend more time on the site or encourage them to look at other parts of the website to see if there are other things they want to engage with as well.

When people feel engaged, they will often comment on the post, raising that statistic for search engines. This is one way that search engines determine whether or not your content is something that people want and need. For this reason, having content that asks questions, encourages people to react, or builds a community is a smart move.

Finally, ensuring that the content is all written by native English speakers will bring up your ranking as well. You can get some ranking help with spun content, but after a while, the errors and glaring issues with the substance will cause it to fall behind content that has been created by a native speaker. Thankfully, there are some places where you can get fundamental level content for rather cheap, making it easy to keep your site high in the rankings.

Overall, ranking websites using content is a natural process. You just need to have content that is long enough, that is going to engage people, a native speaker writes that, and that is going to stay relevant. If you are working in a niche that is ever changing, you will want to keep putting out new content, making sure that readers are always going to be interested in your site.